Tuesday, January 12, 2010

100 Jobs / 100 Days

This is a Quest. A quest to find out if I could personally tryout and succeed at finding, doing and living from having 100 Different Jobs in 100 Days! No Job is Too Small or Too Big. Being Paid for the work I put in is Ideal; but in pursuit of this goal, a good days worth of volunteering to learn something new, help someone out or to gain an appreciation for something that I might not have done before is value enough. I do have a wide-variety of employment skills from Accounting to Telemarketing... Test me on what I can do and I will show you how I can achieve it!

I posted via Facebook earlier today the notion of this project and have already had a few responses as to encouragement and/or requests for my first few jobs! I am ready to take on this challenge...who will be there to see this come together? Will you help me by submitting your job requirements and/or helping me find those in need that I can assist?

Keep my link close by, check it to see what I've been doing... Tell a Friend, even they might be surprised!